Hi, I’m Jamie. I’m the founder of Flox.

A few years ago, I was a single (very, very single) college student at Columbia. And, like every other single 21-year-old in NYC, I was on Hinge. But, spoiler alert: after hours and hours of swiping, nothing came of it.

Meeting people in person was always much more fun. I almost always shared a mutual friend or interest with people I met a party, which on top of the fact that we were standing in the exact same room, made them inherently wayyy more relevant than the randoms on a dating app.

So I was frustrated when I would wake up after a night out and have messages from people on dating apps but no clue how to get in touch with the people who I had actually met the night before. There was the cute guy whose name I couldn’t hear over the music. The cool girl I met in the bathroom. And many others whom I hit it off with but didn’t get the chance to ask for their number or Instagram.

So, I built Flox to help me and my friends stay connected with the people we actually shared the same rooms with – house parties, dinner parties, networking events… you name it.

For the first time ever, hosts who use Flox know with confidence that their guests will be able to connect with each other afterwards.

Welcome to the new age of the party.


Founder & CEO, Flox